About Us History

Before the invention of remote training collars, dog training was a very frustrating experience. Amateur trainers often employed ineffective or inhumane training methods.  Hunters in the field had very little control over their dogs.

Tri-Tronics, a Garmin company, took an idea born on an Arizona mountain lion hunt and came up with an extremely effective solution.  Our e-collars have revolutionized the dog training industry and forever changed how hunters take to the field with their dogs.

Since Tri-Tronics was founded in 1968, our engineers have spent countless hours with dog trainers and hunters to understand their needs.  This constant commitment to listening to our customers is a cornerstone of the Tri-Tronics strategy of being the most quality-focused and feature oriented manufacturer in the industry. The feedback from our customers has allowed us to remain the most innovative company in the industry.  In addition to the famous Tri-Tronics ‘tube’ design, we have pioneered many features that are essential for dog training:

  • Insulated contact points
  • Momentary and continuous stimulation
  • Tone-only stimulation
  • Variable Intensity
  • Multi-dog capability
  • Field matching
  • Two-hour trickle charge

Throughout our history, Tri-Tronics has been dedicated to supporting competitive dog events.  In an effort to foster the growth of the sporting dog community, we have sponsored hundreds of field trials and hunt tests.  We proudly support many national organizations, including the National Retriever Club, the United Beagle Gundog Federation, the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, and the Professional Kennel Club.

We are very excited for the next chapter in our history.  In the summer of 2011, Tri-Tronics was purchased by Garmin InternationalGarmin’s GPS collars have been a game-changer for the pointer, beagle, and hound markets. Through our shared commitment to innovation and high-quality, our customers can expect a bright future from Tri-Tronics.