Newsroom Slice the Darkness with the Night Razor!!

Tucson, AZ (September, 2011) – The Night Razor is the most powerful and versatile cordless cap-mounted spotlight available.  At 180 Lumens, the Night Razor’s beam is twice as large as and brighter than any model currently available for hunters.

Raccoon hunters that take to night with their hounds* have long complained about their bulky or ineffective cap spotlights.  Weighing only, 5.5 ounces, the cordless Night Razor eliminates the need for heavy battery-pack belts, but still offers superior light performance,” remarked Gary Williams, Marketing and Sales Manager.  “The Night Razor runs off a rechargeable, self-contained battery and features a compact, rugged, waterproof design.”

* or Hunters that enjoy pursuing raccoons and predators under night skies

Showcasing features not found in other cap-mounted spotlights, the Night Razor offers a quick flashing Strobe mode can be used to catch the eye of a curious raccoon.  Hunters can take advantage of the S_O_S  flashing option for cases of emergencies.  Red and Yellow (can we call it ‘Amber’ instead?) are available to provide hunters with additional stealth when hunting coyotes or wild hogs.

“This is a game-changer for houndsmen….yada, yada”…John Wick quote

The Night Razor ($199) is available for purchase with a soft-sided cap or a hard plastic helmet.  Rifle/shotgun mounts are available for purchase.  The Tri-Tronics Night Razor backed by a 30-day money-back, 2-year warranty.  All products are made in the USA.

Contact Information:

Warner Smith
(800) 456-4343 ext. 7403