Customer Service Info Repair Pricing

Repair & Replacement

If you suspect that your Remote Trainer is malfunctioning please first review the troubleshooting section in your Owner’s Guide. If needed, contact our Customer Service department.

Always contact our Customer Service department before sending your unit in for repair. For more information or to arrange for a Return Authorization prior to returning any units for service, please email the Customer Service department.

If you send your unit in for repair, either while under warranty or out of warranty, we may replace it with a reconditioned unit.

All repair work done by Tri-Tronics on its products, under warranty or not, is warranted for 90 days from completion of such work. If the unit sent in for repair is still under its original warranty, then the new warranty is 90 days or to the end of the original warranty or to the end of the original warranty, depending upon which is longer.

For replacement Transmitters for G2 or G3 systems you can purchase a separate transmitter.  See our replacement transmitters here. For replacement of transmitters on other systems please contact Customer Service.

For replacement receivers for G2 and G3 systems you can simply purchase a G3 EXP additional receiver separately here.  For assistance in making it work with your system please contact Customer Service.

Tri-Tronics Customer Service
Email at
Call at:  1-800-456-4343

Repair Charges

These prices are for the repair of the individual items in G3 systems.  For instance, if you have a Classic 70 G3 EXP with one collar and both the transmitter and the receiver need repair then the charge would be $150.00+$75.00 for a total of $225.00.

Classic 70 $150.00
Field 90 – Flyway – Trashbreaker – Upland Special $157.50
Pro 100 - Pro 200 $172.50
Pro 500 $180.00
Sport Basic – Sport Combo - Sport Upland $97.50
Sport Junior $65.00
Pro Control G3 $65.00
EXP Receiver $90.00
Bark Limiter XS & G3 $60.00
Sport Junior Receiver $60.00
Upland G3 Beeper $75.00
Old Style Accessory Beeper $65.00
Tracer $25.00
Pro Control Receiver (October 2006 and newer) $75.00