Products Special Features


All Tri-Tronics products are high quality, durable and reliable. We understand that when you go to train your dog or to hunt, it is essential that your training equipment works every time you press the button – no excuses. We also understand that there must be a consistency in the way that your training equipment works so that your dog does not get confused. Finally, we know that your training equipment will be subjected to some very harsh environments and that it has to be built to withstand such environments. We have spent the last 40 years designing and building products that meet these needs. We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who will vouch for our quality.


We have worked closely with all sorts of dogs for many years to develop stimulation schemes that are safe and effective. Our stimulation schemes are designed to give you enough choices to find a stimulation level that will work with the temperament of your dog without making the product too complex. We also have developed a tone sound and a buzz sound which can be used for praise, warning, recall or other commands.


Most of our transmitters allow you to remotely operate our accessories through the use of a patented short-range communication system.


We understand that your dog is very important to you and we go to extra lengths to make sure our products won’t harm your dog. We provide an automatic safety cutoff of all stimulation after a button has been held down for 8 seconds. In order to avoid accidental stimulations, there is a no-stim position on most of our products which makes it impossible for the product to stimulate your dog. There is also a specially designed guard to prevent a button from being accidently pressed. We have specially designed contact points made of stainless steel to avoid any neck irritation issues on your dog.


Our products consistently achieve the specified range. When we say the range of our product is 1 mile, it is 1 mile. Although the range of our products can be adversely affected by topography, foliage and weather, we have designed our products so that they can still be effective in those types of environments.


Most of our models can be easily and quickly expanded into multi-dog systems (up to 6 dogs in some models) by just adding receivers. The additional receivers can be matched in the field to the transmitter by simply pressing a button. The transmitters have dials which will allow you to quickly go from one dog to another and the color coded dial matches the collar strap colors so that you always know what dog you are working with.


All of our remote trainers use our patented insulated contact points for reliable performance in wet conditions. These contact points are interchangeable (long or short) for different coat thicknesses. The patented contact points are also made from stainless steel to minimize any neck irritation on the dog.


Our proprietary charging system allows indefinite charging without damage and produces a full charge in two hours. Our charging adapters eliminate the need for a jack or plug on the receiver. We also have battery life indicators on all transmitters and receivers so you know when to charge the system or replace the battery.


All of our transmitters have short (1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″) fixed antennas so that you don’t have to worry about the antennas breaking off or coming loose when you are in the field. These fixed antennas provide a more consistent range.


All of our transmitters allow easy one-hand operation without having to take your eyes off your dog so that you can be more precise in the timing of your stimulation.